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The Big Boss Turbo from Performance Diesel was designed with savings and performance in mind. A quick spool exhaust housing allows for better throttle response and improves exhaust braking. The Big Boss Turbo will increase horsepower and torque, improve fuel mileage, and produce more airflow for improved performance efficiency and cooler exhaust temperatures.

NEW Nozzle Ring Technology Big Boss Turbo

Performance Diesel Inc. is proud to introduce the latest in turbo technology! What if you could tune your turbo to fit your horsepower and driving style in a matter of minutes? PDI's patented nozzle ring technology provides you with the advantage because it is tune-able and it is the most efficient turbo on the market! By taking advantage of this patented nozzle ring technology, the Big Boss Turbo gives you the competitive edge with quicker throttle response and cooler exhaust temperatures.