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N14 Celect, Celect Plus, pre-Celect, ISX


Injection pumps for Cummins

Our component rebuilding room has a Bacharach pump stand for custom-calibration of your fuel pump and also a Hartridge injector machine for injector blueprinting. We also rebuild turbochargers, oil coolers, aftercoolers, M.V.T. cam followers and water and oil pumps. When power is needed, all you have to do is roll your foot slightly. The high-volume gear pump will supply fuel to the high flow injectors, through our dual fuel line kit, and its adios! You are out of here! Pat Sharp started with Diesel Injection in 1984 and to this date has built 4,988 performance fuel pumps. When Gary, Pete, and I are designing a high performance Cummins engine, Pat Sharp engineers the components that make up the fuel pump. He assembles and calibrates the pump so your truck will fly. Pat also rebuilds all of the mechanical variable timing (MVT) units for us. His fuel pumps, MVT units, work area, and appearance are always immaculate. Along with high flow injectors we prefer to use the high volume gear pump on the fuel pump. The larger-flow gear pump produces the same volume of fuel at 1400 rpm as the stock gear pump does at 2100 rpm. This gear pump is expensive but it makes serious power. High performance pump upgrades that improve throttle response by changing pump calibration for higher injection pressure at lower RPM. We can rebuild your pump with the specifications you need or specifications that meet your horsepower needs. High flow gear pumps are available