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Eliminates Power-Robbing Air From Diesel Fuel For:

  • Consistent Engine Performance
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Increased Fuel Economy (Saving 8% or more)
  • Drastically reduces the effects of "Hot Fuel"
  • Easier/Quicker Starts
  • Reduced Engine/Cab Noise
  • Improved All-Weather Performance
  • Drastically Reduces/Eliminates Black Smoke
  • Reductions in NOX and Carbon Monoxide
  • Excellent Cold Weather Performance
  • Smoother Idle and Quicker Throttle Response
  • Extended Fuel Filter Life
  • individual results may vary

Benefits of FassEliminate the Contaminants & Save your Injectors! Removes All Types of Fuel Contaminants Emulsified Water & Free Water Air/Vapor DebrisIncreases Injector Life & Dependability Consistent Engine Performance–Hot vs. Cold Fuel / Full vs. 1/4 Tank Increase Horsepower & Torque Lower Maintenance Cost Increases Fuel Mileage (Individual Results May Vary) Pickup: Typically 2-3 mpg running empty, with heavy load 8-11% Semi/Class 8: Typically .4mpg in Semi/Class 8 applications Learn More Reduces Carbon Monoxide & Carbon Dioxide Excellent Cold Weather Performance Same High Quality & Durability in FASS Pickup Models as our Semi Applications Extreme Filter Life Warranty (Available*) Pickup: Lifetime Warranty Available (excludes DDRP) Semi/Class 8: 4 Year Warranty Available Optional Electric Fuel Heater is Available Coolant Fuel Heater Port Included (HD & Titanium Series Only)