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Innovative Technologies Cummins Filtration's worldwide research and engineering teams are constantly striving to improve our product line offerings. The result? Superior-quality air filtration from high-capacity, high-efficiency air filters and innovative product technologies like OptiAir™ and Magnum RS™. OptiAir™ Cummins Filtration's latest advance in air filtration systems design. OptiAir™ air elements offer higher capacity, lower restriction and smaller packaging options. Magnum RS™ Our Magnum RS radial seal filter elements incorporate a high-performance filter media, pleat locking and spacing, to extend filtration performance. Direct Flow™ Cummins Direct Flow™ by Fleetguard® is specifically designed to provide big performance in today's smaller engine compartments. More Than 3,000 Part Numbers. With more than 3,000 part numbers, Cummins Filtration has the widest product coverage in the market. Whatever the question, we have the answer. Our broad product line includes:

      1. Standard and custom plastic air cleaners. Using plastic allows us to produce a wide variety of types, shapes, and sizes. Plastic also reduces weight and costs.
      2. Standard and custom metal air cleaners for high durability in extreme environments. Also available in stainless steel, which reduces corrosion (and looks good, too).
      3. Air filter elements in several different styles (primary, safety, panel, etc.) including our Magmum RS™ and OptiAir™ lines.
      4. Air pre-cleaners to extend air filter life by reducing the amount of dust and/or debris that enters the air intake system.