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We reduce waste and increase profits for our clients, with nearly zero effort on their part! Here's what happens: Metal-based objects are introduced to a dry deep freezing process using flashed Liquid Nitrogen (LN2), which is measured and injected by a proprietary computer-controlled processing system. This process then takes an average of 72 hours to modify the molecular structures of these objects before they are brought back to room temperature, or further enhanced through heat tempering in one of our ovens, and then shipped back to our clients. We call this process cryogenic tempering, and our clients in at least seven different industries swear by the results.

Our process is no risk, all reward for you. Well over 100,000 invoices later, we have thousands of satisfied customers, and every transaction is backed by an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

In short, deep cryogenic processing works. Bottom line? We have saved over a million dollars per year in materials and expenses for numerous organizations. We can help you reduce your expenses and save resources. It's easy -- read on.

Firearms and guns, rifles and shotguns, tooling and pumps, fleet brake rotors and knives, racing engines and transmissions ... they all respond to deep cryogenic processing and cryogenic tempering. Many materials like centrifugal pumps and hydraulic pumps respond well, too! The benefits range anywhere from 50% to 600% longer life after stress relief and thermal stabilization. Guns such as sniper rifles and tactical rifles shoot with as much as 50% greater accuracy, and 200% longer life. Shotguns have reduced pattern shift from shot-heating by as much as 11" after deep cryogenic processing. Cryo Barrel and Cryo Accurizing were pioneered by CryoTech / 300 Below Inc. Barrels shoot straighter, last longer, and are easier to clean. Our efforts are so unique that a patent was issued for our process. Cryogenic brake rotors last 350% longer, too!

As our name implies, we improve the properties of metal components by freezing them at minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Computer technology allows us to regulate temperatures to 1/10th of a degree. Items such as .243, AR-10 gun barrels, M-110 rifles, AR-15 or M16, .308 and .223 and 12 gauge shotguns used for skeet, trap and sporting clays all benefit from stress relief, stabilization, and potentially carbide precipitation and martensitic phase transformation, depending upon the alloying elements present in the structure. Heat treatable tool steels like A2 and D2, S7 and M42 benefit, as well as 440C and Gray Iron. Wow, what a cool process!