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PDI’s New Big Boss Intercoolers are built with our specifications by Dura-Lite to support 600hp to 900hp applications. The core is built 3/4” thicker and 4” longer, decreasing EGT’s 150 to 200 degrees with no boost drop across cooler. Resulting in increased fuel efficiency and power.

Product Details

How do I know if I need a new charge air cooler?
If your charge air cooler is leaking, you probably need to replace it. Many original equipment coolers leak when they are new, and only get worse as time goes by. A cooler that is leaking will allow the compressed air out of the turbo charge to escape before it gets to the engine. This will result in power loss and poor economy. A quick leak down test of the charge air cooler, will tell you how bad the situation is.

What is a “Leak Down Rate” Test?
A leak down rate test is a test which shows the amount of leakage from your charge air cooler. The basic procedure is to pressurize the cooler and then see how long it takes the air to escape. We sell a set of tools that will allow you to test your cooler in a safe and accurate manner. Your local diesel engine service center will also have the equipment to test your cooler. We recommend that the cooler be tested at every oil change.

How Much Leakage is Acceptable?
Each engine supplier has their own specifications. Refer to the chart below:

Caterpillar 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig
Cummins (ISB, ISC, N14) 7 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig
Cummins (ISX, M11) 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig
Detroit Diesel 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 25 psig
International 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig
Mack 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig
Mercedes 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 25 psig
Volvo 5 psig in 15 seconds @ 30 psig

Stock replacement intercoolers available for any make and model. Prices vary depending on applications.