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(3406, C15, ACE)

  • The Pittsburgh Power balancer reduces rotational vibration in crankshafts and wheels
  • Mercury filled raceway compensates for minor rotational imbalances
  • This balancer improves engine performance, durability, and reduces cab vibrations and vibration noise
  • Unlike ball bearing balancers mercury never wears out and is much quieter

A Mercury-filled crankshaft balancer is a tube mounted on the outside of a thin metal disc-shaped plate with a measured amount of Mercury in it that goes behind the crankshaft damper. The tube will fit just around the crank damper. All engines are somewhat out of balance because of the plus and minus tolerances of machining processes when the crank, rods, pistons, flywheels, and clutches are made. With the Mercury-Filled Pittsburgh Balancer, the mercury swings to the light side to compensate for the heavy side and the end result is a much smoother running engine. So why are we so concerned with having a smooth running engine? First of all, vibrations will wear out your body and you will get fatigued sooner. Secondly, think about how many rivets, screws, and bolts hold your truck together. Vibrations will enable those items to come loose and sometimes will even break brackets that hold the alternator and air conditioner compressors. The smoother the engine runs, the longer the rod and main bearings will last and it is much easier to use the mirrors to back up when they are not vibrating.

This Pittsburgh Mercury-Filled Engine Balancer is manufactured for us by Balance Masters and they have balancers for your semi tires, pick-up truck tires, or even your Harley Davidson engine and transmission, which I love on my 03 Ultra Classic. We own four Dodges with Cummins Engines and all of them have Balance Masters on their wheels. All of the Balance Masters products are available at Pittsburgh Power. Want to make your tires live longer and reduce cupping? Install the Balancer Masters. You will love them!

By the way, the older we get, the smoother we want our ride to be. Most Owner-Operators are so sensitive to what their truck is doing that they feel every pebble the tire goes over. That type of person will definitely appreciate this product.

All Balancers piggyback the Crankshaft Damper and are 14.5" Across.


  • A good crankshaft damper is critical to extending crankshaft life beyond 500,000 miles
  • This damper improves the smoothness of an engine while revving and under heavy load
  • All our Cat dampers are made in the USA
  • This item does not include a crankshaft balancer. Crankshaft balancers must be ordered separately

Crankshaft Dampers for Cats

Every engine has a damper on the front of the crankshaft. Most people, including Owner-Operators, forget about them. They are there for a purpose of taking the torsional twisting out of the crankshaft, which happen every time an injector fires. Did you ever bend a paperclip several times and end up with two pieces? Well, the same thing happens to the crankshaft when the crank damper gets hard. What happens is the silicone on the inside that the damper ring floats in gets hard, just like the silicone in the tube in your toolbox. The OEM damper on your engine is good for only 500,000 miles. Back in the 80s, they were good for only 300,000 miles. What can happen when the silicone in the damper gets hard is a broken crankshaft, broken accessory drive, broken camshaft, and broken flywheel bolts. Any of these failures is expensive and results in several days of downtime. Several service managers will tell you it is not a wear item and does not need changed. He will also charge you $25,000 to rebuild your engine with a new crankshaft. The engineers that make the damper for the OEMs tell us they need to be replaced every 500,000 miles. Think about the new crankshaft damper as an insurance policy against a future broken crankshaft and you will feel the engine run smoother. You may even sleep better knowing you went that extra step to keep your truck out of the shop!

All Balancers piggyback the Crankshaft Damper and are 14.5" Across.