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  • Newest Model - HC5128 PowerCube™ APU only 28" wide - 24,000 BTU a/c, 30,000 BTU heat - 6 KW Markon generator; Unique radiator / condenser design - NO 3rd piece to mount. (specs)

  • HC5100 PowerCube™ APU with powerful CAT engine (specs)

  • HC6000 PowerCube™ APU features the reliable Kubota engine - same powerful heater and AC design


The Tridako PowerCube™ is the premier single-unit, high BTU APU solution for reliably controlling and managing all of your in-cab air and power.

PowerCube APU’s condenser unit is located inside the main engine compartment, and works through a single fan. Our proprietary FastAir™ component technology pulls more BTU’s than our competitors with one less moving part and faster cooling and heating of cubic space.

The PowerCube™APU is an independent genset, isolated from your trucks system. If a truck goes down, a PowerCube™ APU reliably provides the power, and without the maintenance hassles of a remote mounted condenser.

The PowerCube™ APU is currently the only APU design on the market that undergoes and meets with Society of Automotive Engineer (SAE) certified J1503 testing. This test backs our specs in proving the PowerCube™ performs to provide superior levels of fuel savings, desired comfort and reliable, long-term performance.